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Wedding Officiating Services Agreement Form

To indicate that you have read the agreement (and to include all of the details in your copy and mine), please check this box.Your wedding ceremony is an occasion which you will want to remember with great happiness for the rest of your lives. For that reason, I want to do everything I can to make it a joyous and dignified event. Following is my pledge to you:

  1. I will listen to you, keeping in mind that this is YOUR big day.
  2. I will not just show up and go through the legal motions.
  3. You can count on me being as interested and enthusiastic as I would be if you were my own children getting married.
  4. I will be approachable for any and all questions leading up to the big day.
  5. I will be on time and will be dressed appropriately for all of our contacts, and will arrive early for the ceremony in order to assist with any last minute adjustments which, at times, arise.
  6. I will provide a dignified Christian service in which your love for each other is emphasized and celebrated.
  7. I will promptly return the signed certificate of marriage to the state office for filing - usually the next morning.
  8. I will work in patient cooperation with you and your families to make your day a happy one to remember.
Total cost: $400 Friday through Sunday $50 less Monday through Thursday

For weddings more than 20 miles from my home have to be added to the total cost at a rate of .50 per mile beginning with the 21st. mile.

Mail a Check to: Jim Weyland, 1029 California Ave. W., St. Paul, MN 55117

In order to guarantee that the dates and times for a rehearsal, if desired, and the wedding ceremony are reserved on the officiant's calendar, this emailed document will also serve as a RECEIPT of agreement. Once acknowledged by email, the officiant agrees that he will not schedule any other events that would conflict with your time. In the unlikely event that I am unable to perform your ceremony, we can provide a backup officiant through www.whatagreatchurch.org, so that your plans will not be interrupted. The deposit activates the agreement. The balance is due any time prior to the wedding day. One half of the fee paid is refundable if a cancellation is received by mail or by e-mail prior to 90 days before the ceremony date. If there are travel expenses, they may be paid on the day of the wedding. Jim Weyland, Wedding Officiant

This agreement form will be emailed to the web site administrator and forwarded to Jim Weyland when you click on the "Submit this Wedding Officiating Services Agreement Form" button. You will also see your details in a response web page that only you will see. Print out that web page for your records.

Date, Time, Location, Fees and Contact Info Agreement Items

Please fill in all appropriate spaces, especially those with a + by them, if you know the details.

+Name of Bride:
+Name of Groom:
+Date of Wedding:
+Time of Wedding:
+Location of Wedding:
+Amount of your deposit due (50% of the Total):
+Amount of your Balance:

+Email Address:
+Phone Number(s):
+Postal Address:
Date of Rehearsal:
Time of Rehearsal:
Location of Rehearsal (if not the same as the wedding location):
Additional Comments or Questions:

Be sure to click on the "Submit this Wedding Officiating Services Agreement Form for Jim Weyland's Services" button after you have filled in and checked the boxes.

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