Gary's Other Hobbies

My brother, Roger, took me out into the Gulf Stream off Jensen Beach (sailfish capital of the world). This sailfish hit and hit hard. Roger turned the boat to take back some line, which had run out in seconds. I got to catch this fish... lucky me!!! Wow!! This sailfish tailwalked several times, once just 5 feet from my face. He leaped repeatedly. Wow! This was better than I ever saw on TV.

Roger and I groan under the weight of the sailfish and from exhaustion! It was seven feet long and over 70 pounds!

Dad and I had a great fishing trip. Bass were biting, but the crappies were just awesome... limits every day and they were delicious, right out of cold spring water. Here is my Dad, Bill, with a sample stringer of crappies and a Northern.

Then a Northern Pike hit and we fought it for a while and muscled it into the boat. When Dad saw it, he almost jumped out. He said it looked like an alligator coming into the boat with those wide jaws and sharp teeth and awesome power!

Early in the morning, I watched the sun rise as I pushed off for a great bass spot. About 7 am, this great bass hit on an artifical frog hopping across the surface in shallow water near a steep drop. The largemouth erupted into the air and startled me into a heart-pounding ten-minute battle to land him. I rushed off to Marv Koep's for a picture.

I love to soak up the sun, especially in Florida in the middle of winter!

We have had some wonderful family trips to Disneyworld over the years!!

On the sailing trip of a lifetime, Dad and Roger and I went to Key Biscayne and sailed for a few days on Roger's trimaran, Mariposa. Here's a salty character loving the sea!!

Wow!!! I love flying across the lake on a jet ski!

But I love the quietness of sailing cross a lake or the power of the wind to fill the sails and make my boat soar!

Then there is skiing and canoeing and rollerblading and basketball. Just remembering some great fun and adventure has helped me through my impatience for spring.

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