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We had so much fun watching the video (we both cried) and looking at all the pictures!!!! You did such a remarkable job! THANK YOU! Our families will love it. You really made our day special and complete. R and J
Dear Gary, From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for all that you did to make our wedding magical! We had the most beautiful and special day of our lives and we are blessed to have you as our pastor and photographer and friend. The pictures and video are amazing and we are so pleased! It has been fun to relive the event through them. You made it all so much fun! Thanks so much! S and J
I had found Rev, Gary Ritner on the Knot website, so didn't know what to expect. He ended up being one of the kindest and most calming people I have ever met! He made us feel at ease! He was open to all of our ideas and even has a online tool for helping with vows etc. We had a lot of guests think that we had known him for years because of how personal he made the ceremony feel! LK
We cried together when we sat down to watch the fantastic video that you produced for us. I have heard people talk about acting in movies, but not knowing how it would all look after the editing and effects were added. We experienced our wedding more completely while watching the video than we did while it was happening. We plan to view it every anniversary. We are so glad that we decided to have you do this for us. We cannot thank you enough! B and G
Dear Gary, We want to thank you so much for officiating our wedding. We both think that you did a wonderful job and we could not have asked for more. Thank you, also, for the wonderful photos and DVD of our ceremony and reception. You did a great job! S and J
Gary, I wanted to thank you again for everything. You did such a wonderful job with the pictures and making our ceremony very special. We loved everything and wanted to thank you for sharing and spending your time with us on that special day!!!!!! K and K
Dear Pastor Ritner, Thank you immensely for the joy and spirit-filled memories you provided for our wedding day. We feel so blessed, having you as our officiant, encouraging us in our marriage walk with God. Please stay in touch. With Love, A and E
At the reception, several people asked us about you and your background. They were very impressed with you! I directed a few to your awesome resume' at so they could see just how impressive your background is. With all that you have achieved, it is most impressive that you find such joy in celebratng with couples in officiating at their wedding! Thanks for all that you did to make ours a great moment to cherish! B and K
Gary, J and I would like to thank you for such a beautiful wedding ceremony. Your message was so meaningful to us and we have received many comments on how wonderful the ceremony was. You helped to make our dream day come true. We are so glad you could contribute to such a special day! Most sincere thanks, A and J
Gary, thanks for your radiant smile! Many of our friends commented on how much you seemed to be enjoying our wedding. We felt it too! You were wonderful! F and G
The wedding was just wonderful, Gary! So many people talked with so much appreciation about your Wedding Message at the reception! They talked about it being so true for them and their marriage and relationships. You helped a lot of people that day with your message! H and M
We are truly blessed to have found someone like Gary. His poise and relaxed personality made us feel so comfortable. He set our minds at ease with everything during the rehearsal, the ceremony and the reception. Our pictures turned out beautiful and he captured more than we ever could have imagined. I would recommend him to anyone. I know any bride and groom would be happy. S and S
The pictures look great! Thanks for the quick work. Also thank you for everything else. You did a fantastic job with the ceremony and helping coordinate the day. I wish we knew of other people in the market for a minister/photographer because we would recommend you with flying colors in a second. All our friends got a kick out of the fact you were a one stop shop/jack of all trades! S and S
Thanks again for everything, Gary! We loved your style and personal touch that you gave to our day. Thank you for a beautifully delivered ceremony. We loved it! We have received many compliments from our guests! C and V
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From: fruehtobe, 9/12/2005 at 4:33 pm

He is hands down the greatest! We found him when we backed out of our sight about 7 weeks before the wedding. No church = no minister! We mostly communicated through emails after our first meeting with him. He always replied very promptly. He prefers to do the rehearsal 90 minutes before the ceremony to ensure everyone is there on time. That worked well for us, but he'll also be flexible and work with your schedule. He is such a happy guy. We were very comfortable with him the moment we met him.

Any specific questions, please ask.



From: stierwaescherin, 9/12/2005 at 4:35 pm

He married my cousin, and his wife, Pam Armstrong, will marry us (Gary was booked for our date). He did an absolutely fabulous job for my cousin; it was a great ceremony, moving but still funny in spots, and I thought it was reflective of their personalities. I've interacted with him some because he fields some of Pam's e-mails, and he's been great. Also met him when we met with Pam, and he was also very friendly then. So, in a nutshell, I'd say he's a good egg. HTH.

From: bee1107, 9/12/2005 at 4:44 pm

He was great! We were very excited to find someone that fit us so well. He knew the wedding message by heart (we didn't edit that part of the ceremony much), so he had a good connection with our guests. He has a really interesting background, make sure to ask him about it if you meet with him.

From: JonAndLys061106, 9/12/2005 at 4:48 pm

Sounds like a winner! :-) Thanks to all of you.. We are excited to work with him and feel really confident about it now.. Thanks, Alyssa

From: Lisa51405, 9/12/2005 at 5:11 pm

He did a great job - review in bio.


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Thank you so much for your help, the website is awesome, I would have had no clue what to do! M and W
Definitely one of our favorite vendors! Gary was very open to making the ceremony the way we wanted it. He was always punctual and friendly, and did a nice job with our wedding message. He didn't read the whole ceremony script, so there was a great connection between him and the guests. (This review appeared on The Knot web site). B and E
Gary, thanks so much for offiaiting at our wedding! We are blessed to have you join us together in marriage! Z and J
Thank you for putting so much time and effort into our wedding ceremony. It was exactly what we wanted. On Sunday morning, (two days after the wedding) our 7 year-old nephew woke up and asked my new husband if he remebered what he was supposed to say to me every morning - "You are beautiful!" He remembered this all on his own. He'll make a great husband some day! We feel blessed to have "found" you and are so thankful for your words and your commitment to us. K and J
We want to thank you so very much for peforming our wedding service. You really made us feel at ease on such a stressful and exciting day. Thank you for making our wedding day truly memorable! A and R
Our friends and family commented on what a perfect wedding you officiated. It was warm, calm, emotional, caring and professional. We did not know what to expect. Had we known how wonderful it would be, we would have relaxed even more and enjoyed the moment more completely. Even with our anxiousness, we experienced a joyfilled and loving atmosphere and our guests did too. Thank you so much! T and A
He did an outstanding job. Having a pastor perform our ceremony was really important to DH's family. His website is very helpful, and everyone loved the wedding message. He did a great job directing the rehearsal, and is a very nice person. Would highly recommend him. L and J
I just want to say thank you for a beautiful wedding ceremony!! You did a great job and made our day very special to us. Thank you again!!!! God Bless R and N
We had never done this before, but Gary had planned hundreds of services. We asked for his advice on many details and he anticipated problems and solutions. We started planning with many fears about what we might forget, but our fear was calmed quickly by his confidence and knowledge. M and M
We had planned on having a sound system for Gary, but there were some problems at the last minute and Gary had to speak loud enough for everyone to hear without a mic. He had no problem as his deep voice carried well. It was clear that he had plenty of experience speaking without a mic. We felt bad at first that we did not have a mic, but it all worked out fine. L and H
We signed contracts for all the other services that we reserved for our wedding, so we expected to have a contract with our wedding officiant. Gary's 'Agreement Form' online was the easiest of these agreements for us to use and the process of email replies and adjustments was very helpful. Thanks, Gary! L and B
Thank you so much for your part in our perfect day. The ceremony was beautiful and you were such a joy. We really appeciate your service and your just being there. Thanks again! L & D
Our parents were concerned that we were getting married in a park and did not have our wedding in a church. However, they think that you are a real good 'preacher' and they were very happy that we had a Christian wedding. Thanks for the spiritual feeling that pleased us in a different way but also satisfied their longing for a Church wedding for their kids. O and G
Working with Gary was easy. He made things simple. We had so much to do besides the service and we just left the service in his hands. He helped us to look forward to the service and not be anxious. It was just as he promised - meaningful, emotional, and joyful! P and W
Before the wedding some things were going all wrong and we were wondering if it were a bad omen. Minutes into the service, things were all falling into place and nothing else seemed important any more. Thanks for helping to settle the chaos with a well-planned service. S and D
Your 'Magical Phrases' were the talk of the reception. So true! Several people told us that they felt that such things were among the keys to the success of their marriage. There was a lot of joking and fun about it too. Thanks for your humor. It increased the wonderful feelings of the day for us and others. We will be sure to recommend your services to others! A and J
We really appreciated your allowing us to choose whatever we wanted in the service. Your Service Planning Tool helped so much! R and T
Gary arrived an hour before the wedding, reassured us that everything was under control, filled out the license, and talked us through some details. He was calm and yet energetic. His well-timed pauses and perfect reading of the service as well as his extemporaneous wedding message helped us to feel the importance and heightened emotions of our vows. Everything went very smoothly. K and B
Thanks for your time and talent in officiating at our wedding. We were both shaking when the service began, but you were cool and that helped us to settle into the beauty of the moment. V and T
The Form that we filled out for requesting a date for our wedding was very useful. It was clear that you have been doing this for a long time and you knew what to ask and how to help us. Thanks for anticipating the issues we needed to deal with before we knew what was needed. It was so helpful to have the Wedding Planning Tool to make some decisions about the content in our service. J and D
Gary took digital pictures for our wedding and created a web site. It was so helpful to have the site so that our friends and family around the country could see our wedding pictures. We had expected to spend way too much on photos, but this was a great alternative and it worked better than passing the pictures around or just putting them in an album months later. Gary had them online before we left for the honeymoon the next day. L and C
You stayed in touch with us several times before the wedding so that we knew everything was on track. We really appreciated the way you went beyond what we expected before the service. The details were a bit overwhelming to us, but you helped to make sense of and simplify the service issues. Thanks! H and F
Many told us that your radiant smile reflected our love and joy. We were facing forward and people could not see us, but they saw you and your smiling throughout the service communicated the joy that we felt and would have shown to people if we had been facing them. Thanks for showing them our joy with your smile. T and M
We have not been part of a church, but we have faith and you helped us to feel God's blessing. N and F
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