I am so pleased to be a part of your wedding planning and I am looking forward to your wedding! I want to be sure that everything runs smoothly and that there is no confusion to detract from your wedding. This form will help to provide clarity and peace of mind for everyone. I developed it at the request of couples who were unsure what they should do and when. Many have thanked me for this form, even though I hesitated to use it because it seemed too formal or legal. Many good experiences with this form have helped me to know that most couples prefer to have this clarity. Read it carefully, fill it out when you are ready, keep a copy of the printout for yourself, and then expect an email from me verifying my receipt of your agreement and my agreement to the details as well.

Blessings on your wedding planning,

Gary Ritner

Wedding Officiating Services Agreement Form

This agreement form will be emailed to Gary Ritner when you click on the 'Submit this Wedding Officiating Services Agreement Form" button. You will also see your details in a response web page that only you will see. Print out that web page for your records.

  • This is your first version of the agreement.

  • Gary will acknowledge your sending of this agreement form in an email

  • If you do not receive an email from Gary acknowledging your submitting of this agreement, please be sure to ask him about that since the form may have been lost in cyberspace (almost never happens).

    If there are any changes that Gary has made,
  • Gary will send you a message with the changes.

  • You should acknowledge and agree with any changes by replying to that email.

  • Gary will again email you to verify that you and he have agreed upon any changes.

  • This process will assure both you and Gary that the agreement details are all understood by everyone.

    By filling out this form, you are obligating yourself to these details. By acknowledging your form submission in a confirming email to you, Gary Ritner is obligating himself to these details and dates, times and locations.

    Date, Time, Location, Fees and Contact Info Agreement Items

    Please fill in all appropriate spaces, especially those with a + by them, if you know the details.

  • +Name of Bride:
    +Name of Groom:
    +Date of Wedding:
    +Time of Wedding:
    +Location of Wedding:
    +Amount of your deposit ($150?):
    +Amount of your balance due at the rehearsal - or before the wedding if there is no rehearsal

  • $250
  • or $200 for reduced fee services
  • include fees here for special services
  • include 50 cents a mile for the wedding and the rehearsal - round trip - if your wedding is more than 20 miles from my home office (Mapquest.com directions calculation works well .... use 1212 Raintree Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80526 to your wedding location and deduct 20 miles each way) or, I can calculate this for you:
  • +Email Address:
    +Phone Number(s):
    +Postal Address:
    Date of Rehearsal:
    Time of Rehearsal:
    Location of Rehearsal (if not the same as the wedding location):
    Location of the Reception:
    Time of the Reception:
    Names of Children of the Bride:
    Names of Children of the Groom:
    Names of Parents of the Bride:
    Names of Parents of the Groom:
    Name of the Best Man:
    Name of the Maid of Honor:

    Additional Agreement Items

    Please click on the box next to each item in this pink section to indicate
    that you have read it and agree to these details.

    Check all boxes. If you do not agree with something or want to discuss it, do not fill out the form.
    Instead, Click here to email Gary Ritner about that at gary@garyritner.org

    I agree to the following: For the wedding and rehearsal, to ensure time for everything, both events will end within one hour after scheduled to start. If we start a little late, that is fine, but the end time will be within one hour of the start time. Other ceremonies are scheduled on the same day, on a careful time plan, and with this agreement everyone is assured that their wedding and rehearsal will start on time.

    I agree that listing the rehearsal date and time here is optional, but if the rehearsal date and time is left undetermined at the time of this agreement, then I agree to be flexible in arranging for the rehearsal or that Gary Ritner will not be obligated to be at the rehearsal.

    I understand that Gary Ritner will arrive at my wedding location at a time that is approximately 30 minutes before the wedding is scheduled to begin, unless we have arranged with Gary Ritner in writing - by email - to be there 90 minutes before the wedding for a rehearsal.

    I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain a marriage license.

    I agree to bring the wedding license to the Rehearsal (or the wedding if there is no rehearsal) and to have someone present it and the final balance to Gary Ritner when he arrives for the Rehearsal (or the wedding if there is no rehearsal).

    I agree that the final balance is due no later than the end of the day of the wedding. I agree that if I do not pay the final balance by the end of the day of the wedding, that I will pay an additional $25 as well as the overdue balance as soon as possible after the wedding. I agree that I will pay an additional $35 to Gary Ritner if my check is returned for insufficient funds (to cover fees assessed to Gary Ritner).

    A deposit has been given to Gary Ritner (the deposit applies towards the total fee).

    I agree to forfeit the deposit if I do not use Gary Ritner's services due to any changes that I make in the schedule, due to cancellation of the wedding, or if I decide to have another officiant.

    I agree that I will NOT have to pay the balance due if the wedding is cancelled or if Gary Ritner's services are not used for the wedding. I agree to inform Gary Ritner at least two weeks prior to the wedding date if the wedding has been cancelled.

    Don't let the following items scare you. In a litigious society, some people will sue for anything. The following is simply a release of financial liability for my officiating services. If problems arise, we can solve them together. If a problem happens with the license, we can solve it together. I am just asking that you agree not to sue me. Most people would not think of it, but just in case.

    I agree that I will NOT hold Gary Ritner or SaintSavers financially responsible for anything that happens during the service or in relation to his officiating services. I agree to resolve any issues without legal action against Gary Ritner or SaintSavers.

    It is extremely unlikely that I would fail to deliver your officiating services or provide a substitute (no matter what happens). I would work to provide alternatives or have another officiant do the work in my place if it became clear that I could not perform my officiating services at your wedding. But an accident or life-threatening health crisis at the last minute could present a situation that we should agree about here. This is an agreement on my liability and penalty if I would fail to deliver the officiating services you requested. This agreement grants you a guaranteed settlement of $250 should I fail to perform the services and fail to provide someone to officiate at your service. In the extreme case that neither I nor a substitute could officiate, you could have anyone read the service that we have prepared together and then I or a substitute could provide a private service as quickly as possible for the officiant - maybe even by the end of your reception. I never expect this to happen, but I heard a story recently about a Justice of the Peace who did not show up for the wedding and thought that would never happen with me - but if I had an accident or a heart attack ... what would we do about that? This provides a solution for you and more than free officiating services.

    I agree that I will NOT hold Gary Ritner or SaintSavers responsible for any other damages or loss beyond a $250 penalty and the return of all fees paid in advance for his wedding officiating services if he does not deliver the services and does not provide another officiant to serve in his place. I agree to bring a copy of the service to the wedding in case of an extreme situation that would prevent Gary or a substitute from getting to the wedding and officiating. I agree to have someone else conduct the service on the wedding day with the copy of the service and to have a private wedding with Gary or another officiant that he provides as soon as possible.

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