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I am in the photo to the right .... at age 64 after losing 30 pounds - down to 170 - from good diet and exercise (golf or skiing, basketball, cycling, swimming and strength training 5 days a week) - back to the weight of my late teens.

Shot a 67 at Southridge Golf Course. Fort Collins, CO on October 20, 2017

Shot one over 73 at Fairwinds Golf Course, St. Lucie County, FL in 2016.

Won a Scramble event at Afton Alps in June 2015. Finished 2nd at Carpenter Nature Center Scramble event in 2015. Won several Senior League events in 2015. Played 175 rounds of golf in 2015.

Played Palmer Legends Country Club at The Villages, FL from the very back tees and Havana Country Club in November 2013.

Played 155 rounds of golf in 2014 (shortened season due to late start and early end). Finished in top 3 in a few scramble events and won several senior league events at Afton Alps in 2014.

Played 156 rounds of golf in 2013 (shortened season due to late start April 26 and early end October 28). Won a few scramble events and senior league events at Afton Alps in 2013.

Played 236 rounds (18 holes each) = 4,248 holes during 2012 golf season from March-November (8 months of golf in MN is amazing but there were also 2 rounds in January). Typical round walking in 2 hours or 1 hour by cart - or 36 holes in 2 hours by cart. Most rounds walking. Average score 75 (if I actually kept score ... extra balls hit makes scoring problematic but the round a lot more fun). Downside/upside to hitting extra balls is that I hit one into the cup in one on a mulligan in 2012. Is that a hole in one or just a three?

Developed and maintain a web site - Admiring Patrons of Afton Alps Recreation Area. CLICK HERE to view the site. Contains almost daily updates on course conditions and ski/snow conditions as well as a blog/journal of the day at Afton.

Check out my video instruction 3 on YouTube - CLICK HERE

Won several senior events at Afton Alps in 2012 and won the Skyler Slocum Four-Man Scramble Charity Golf Tournament August 18, 2012 at 14 under par.

Finished 2nd in a couple scramble events at Afton Alps in 2012.

Low round of 2 under par on the front nine at Afton Alps in 2012.

Won a few Senior League events in 2013 at Afton Alps Golf Course.

Won six of six Senior League events in 2011 at Afton Alps Golf Course.

Won the Four-man Scramble Tournament at Afton Alps on July 22, 2013 at 12 under par for 15 holes.

Won the Four-man Scramble Tournament at Afton Alps on August 8, 2013 at 13 under par.

Finished first or second in scramble tournaments at Afton Alps Golf Course in 2011 at 12 under par. Won final scramble event in 2011.

Won the TEAM AFTON Scramble Golf Tournament at Afton Alps Golf Course, Sept. 19, 2010, with 8 under par for 9 holes.

Won the Heather's House Scramble Golf Tournament at Afton Alps Golf Course on August 30, 2010 with 14 under par.

Won the Armstrong Cup and the Ritner Cup almost every time they were played (family reunion golf tournaments) - best shot at August 2010 event: 250 yard three metal to 10 feet that resulted in an eagle.

Won the Four-man Scramble Tournament at Afton Alps on August 16, 2010 at 14 under par - best shot: 250 yard three metal to 10 feet that resulted in an eagle Twice in one week!.

Typical round in 2010: walking, 2 1/2 hours (up the ski slopes on the back nine at Afton Alps) - nearly 200 rounds in 2010.

Won two-man scramble at Eagle's Landing Golf Club near Brainerd, August 2009.Two seconds (one a tie for first with tie breaker calculation) in scramble events at Afton Alps Golf Course, Afton, MN. Eight and twelve under. Summer 2009.

Scored a Hole-in-One at Logger's Trail, Stillwater, MN, on September 7, 2008 with a 7-iron on the 160-yard par three, third hole.

Shot even par - 71 (3 birdies and 3 bogies) - on the Bobcat Trail Golf Course on vacation in 2007.

Scored a Hole-in-One at the Arizona Golf Resort, Mesa, Arizona, and a round of 72 on October 25, 1997.

Won the Church Boys' Weekend Retreat Golf Tournament for ten out of 13 years between 1997 and 2009.

Won (with a 4-man team from Hillcrest UMC) in the scramble golf tournament to benefit Operation Classroom with scores of 14, 8 and 10 under par in July of 1997, 1998, and 1999. Won same tournament in 2000, representing Newport UMC with 3 other guys from Mankato: Belgrade UMC, beating the Hillcrest boys by a stroke at 13 under par. Won the tournament again in 2001 with three players from Newport UMC - fifth consecutive year.

Set the course record with a score of 2 under par on the Gold Course at Double Eagle Golf Course, Eagle Bend, MN, Spring, 1984 and won the Individual and Team trophy with an undefeated season as the number one player on the team and won the Annual Club Scramble Tournament.

Ran a golf camp for junior-high youth for ten years - 1989-1999 at Northern Pines UMC Camp, Park Rapids, playing Blueberry Pines and Headwaters Golf Club.

Served as assistant to the head pro, Jackson Country Club, Jackson, Wisconsin - Summer of 1971. Decided to go to seminary instead of PGA School.

Won the WV UMC Golf Tournament, clergy division, 1971.

Played on the Golf Team (Co-Captain, '71), West Virginia Wesleyan College, 1969-71. Finished 6th individually and on the All-Conference Team and second among teams in WVIAC Conference Golf Championship, Pipestem, WV, 1971.

Played on the Golf Team (Co-Captain, '67), Triadelphia High School, 1965-67. See me in the photo to the left, checking my card after a high school match.

Worked at the Driving Range, Oglebay Park, Wheeling, WV - 1963-1971.

Grew up playing and working on my uncle's driving range from ages 2-11. I am hitting a ball in the photo to the right around age 6 in 1955.

Caddie at Oglebay Caddy Camp, winner of age division in golf tournament and leading money earner, 1962.

CLICK HERE for a photo that explains my obsession with golf. The yellow rectangle is where I grew up in Wheeling, WV. Note the numbers that indicate golf courses within walking distance of my house. Five courses and a few driving ranges too at Oglebay Park and Wheeling Country Club.

Other Hobbies

Enjoy playing pickup basketball at public gyms (an average of 2 times a week for 40 years - now retired and shooting around on my own - when not golfing (236 rounds in 2012) or skiing (115 days in 2014-15).

Playing Pickleball 5 days a week (other than during ski season).

CLICK HERE for my skiing photo at Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah.

Skiing Colorado resorts from 2017 ... especially at Eldora Mountan Resort, Ekdora, CO

In 2016, I enjoyed 91 days skiing (most at Afton Alps) and covered 800k feet.

In the 2015 ski season, I spent 115 days on the slopes, skied 1,217,823 vertical feet, and rode 5,346 lifts. That was more than any other person at Afton Alps.

Enjoy biking (CLICK HERE), running, strength training, swimming, fishing, jet skiing and sailing. Click on these links for pictures and more than you wanted to know about it. Biggest fish: 70 pound, 7 foot sailfish off the coast of Florida. Biggest MN Fish: 10 pound Northern, 5 pound Bass.

Professional photography, videography, editing and graphic design. (Click Here to see a sample of my Wedding Photography - login as user=sample and password=look).

To view my idea of art CLICK HERE. I confess that I design golf courses in my head and sketch them constantly, especially during long meetings.

Enjoying the flowers growing in my yard and photographing them. See more of my flowers. And then there are hundreds more, like those on my church photo album in the slide show at the top - CLICK HERE

Photo at the right is in West Palm Beach, FL, where I was snorkeling among the Barricuda in crystal clear water.

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