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    "Cradle of Wings - In Memory"

    by Pam Armstrong
    Susan Armstrong Lunn

    Cradle of Wings Productions
    Copyright 2006

  • Pamela Rae Armstrong

    I love many things: my children and stepchildren, my husband, my parents and siblings, my friends, and children and youth in general. I love singing, chocolate chip cookie dough, the ocean, reading, playing cards, laughter, and human beings with all their fascinating quirks and heroics. I love chocolate, music, art, popcorn, emotions, peas and raspberries fresh from the garden, being in my forties, and not having all the answers. I love Dairy Queen, gentle souls, having the answers once in a while, - and mostly, I love our Creator, whose Spirit I find in the many things I love.

    In my life I have been incredibly fortunate. I was raised in a close, loving family in the Midwest. I have also been “raised” by the community of persons with developmental disabilities (my very fortunate choice of vocation). I earned degrees at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, and United Theological Seminary in the Twin Cities. I’ve worked as a trainer for Disability Awareness in various faith communities, a church secretary (for my Pastor husband) and with children of all ages. Today I work with youth and am a mom to two young children. After facing my own mortality with breast cancer, I know more fully what I’ve always been grateful for – that in my life I have been blessed and blessed and blessed!